Behind The Scenes

Jason Pitt and Ryan Sneaux BTS


Ryan spills the beans on his fetish for feet and Jason - well he's so cute who cares!

Jason Sparks and Wade Wilder BTS

Jake Woods and Justin Ryder Behind the Scenes


These two dirty boys are having too much fun on set !

Jason Sparks and Zach Alexander BTS


Zach and Jason are messing around on set - and even having a shower.

Brandon Lewis and Jake Woods BTS

Brian Taylor and Ethan Storm BTS


The two dirty boys have had an intense shoot and want to tell you all about it!

Jason Sparks and Jake Woods BTS


Jake Woods spills the beans on his past in this behind the scenes episode.

Justin Case and Wade Wilder BTS


Get to know these two Dirty Boys even better with this behind the scenes interview.

Brandon Lewis BTS


Find out a little more about Brandon in this look Behind the Scenes.

Marine boy Marc BTS

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