Jason Sparks & Zach Alexander


Jason is an excellent cocksucker and Zach repays the supreme suck by fucking Jason's ass.

Lars Svenson and Cam Casey Bareback


Lars and Cam are a couple of dirty boys who love to fuck. After sucking each other's cocks and fingering and rimming the eager hole the two get down to the main event. Bareback fucking until they blow!

Johnny Dallas and Nic James Bareback


Hot action from a big dicked hottie who wants nothing more than to dip his raw cock into a wanting hole. Looks like we've got a couple of dirty boys who are ready to fuck!

Marine Boy Marc


We love a boy out of uniform - stripped off and jacking his big cock!

Justin Case and Wade Wilder


When the cable is out Dirty Boys Justin and Wade needs something to amuse them. Looks like a pair of hard cocks will do the job.

Jason Sparks and Jake Woods


Jake Woods is a Dirty Boy who likes older men. Jason Sparks is more than happy to help him indulge his fantasy!

Jake Woods and Brandon Lewis


Two Southern dirty boys get naked and sucking and fucking on a hot sticky afternoon.

Brian Taylor


Brunette boy toy Brian knows his way around his own dirty boy body.


Jason Sparks and Tyler Andrews


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